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Leave all the repetitive and menial tasks to AI-powered systems. A right team can build intelligent apps and systems that understand your data, patterns, and images to make future predictions and smarter & quicker decisions.


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SF Cable

SF Cable turned their small business site into a full-blown eCommerce platform and they’ve been growing...

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Alternative Parts Inc, a leading supplier of replacement parts for CNC machines and specializes in manufacturing...

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360i Suite

360i Suite is our solution for streamlining school operations. It is a unique collection of attendance...

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AI-powered development

AI Chatbots

Build better relations with your customers through AI-driven conversational chatbots. Give the best of AI + humans to your customers by building, deploying and managing conversational chatbots.

Machine Learning

Make the impossible, possible by deploying machine learning algorithms that understand and derive patterns from Big Data. Go beyond human minds and bring innovation to your organization for superior output and quicker decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Look beyond what’s happening to what is likely to happen in the future with predictive analytics. Build and deploy intuitive and scalable predictive analytics that comes with what-if scenarios and risk assessment to predict future keeping a level of relatability.

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid unplanned and preventive risks of the future with predictive maintenance. We gather real-time data to track the performance of your assets connected to your IoT system using condition-monitoring equipment.

Asset Management

Digitize your traditional asset management and add intelligence to automate workflows by integrating IoT-enabled smart devices. Locate, track, and monitor your assets and their performance from anywhere and everywhere.

Voice Command Apps

Add voice AI in anything you can imagine. Give your customers the comfort to effortlessly interact with your software and apps with Google actions, Alexa skills or any other NLP. A blend of linguistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to enter the big league.

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In this step, we understand your end goals and what you aim to achieve with artificial intelligence. Once we have clarity and a shared vision, we proceed to identify the pain points and set them as goals for effortless AI adoption.


Tailored Use Case

Rather than going with a general AI solution, we prefer looking for a tailored solution that can cater to your specific business needs. With enough research and observing the industry, we create a tailored use case to test POC.


Proof of Concept

Does the tailored use case solve the problem at hand? Is it working the way we wanted? Is it ready for a sustainable roll-out? These are the questions that proof of concept answers. This helps in seeing the full potential of AI technology.


Organizational Roll-Out

Once the proof of concept is successful, we turn this PoC into a roadmap for an organization-wide roll-out. And the process never stops. We fine-comb through your pain points to see if AI can bring a productive change.


Our promise

Our work ethic, methodology, and dedication to your projects make us the perfect business partner. With us, you will be gaining a long-term partnership that can help you through every step of your journey towards success.

To understand you and your projects better, we offer a risk-free two weeks trial. You only need to pay if you are satisfied with our developers and want to continue with us. If you are not happy, then we will refund your payment.