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Hire dedicated Vue.JS developers from Biztech and let us help you build the next big project. Rely on our Vue.JS development to help you turn your ideas into reality.

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Searching for the right technical partner? Your search ends here. With Biztech, you don’t need to worry about handling any technical issues. Build enterprise applications and solve real-world problems. We have been serving in the industry for more than a decade and have helped 1000+ companies to set up their business from scratch. If you are looking for Vue.JS developers, you are at the right place. Leverage our Vue.JS development services to build feature-rich applications. At Biztech, we have skilled and experienced developers who can handle all the technical complexities and provide you with perfect custom solutions.

Available Integrations with Vue.JS

Leverage our Vue.JS development services and build robust, responsive, interactive, and scalable full-stack solutions.

PHP is a strong programming language that is used to develop dynamic web pages. It has some of the major benefits like security, ease of use, scalability, cost-efficiency, ease of customization, etc., which makes it one of the go-to solutions for developers. You can build diverse projects easily and cater to multiple industries with the help of PHP. Integrate PHP with Vue.JS to get the best of both worlds. PHP will efficiently handle all the complexities of the backend whereas, Vue.JS will handle everything at the front-end. Provide your users with custom applications, which help you retain them.

NodeJS is another powerful programming language used to develop applications, websites, and more. NodeJS can seamlessly handle all the difficult high-end tasks and provide you with robust, scalable, and efficient backend solutions. Whereas, Vue.JS will provide you with responsive, scalable, and stronger front-end solutions. Hire Vue.JS developers from Biztech, who are efficient enough to handle all the complexities of integrating and developing scalable and easy-to-use applications. With Vue.JS development company, Biztech, you can rely on our Vue.JS developer, who will provide you with great solutions.

.NET is a powerful framework developed by Microsoft for object oriented programming language. Hire dedicated Vue.JS developers and build a wide range of applications from web apps, mobile apps, games, IoT, etc. At Biztech, we can provide you with a wide range of custom solutions built on different programming languages like VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, etc. Integrate .NET and Vue.JS to build strong and secure applications. Our Vue.JS developers are skilled enough to handle various project requirements and provide cutting-edge solutions that grow your business. Hire dedicated Vue.JS developers from Biztech and build revolutionary applications.

AWS is one of the leading cloud solutions many organizations use to design, develop, and deploy your applications to your users. SaaS-based applications provide your users with a better customer experience as they can access applications easily from anywhere at any time. Design and develop your Vue.JS application and deploy it via AWS to increase your customer reach and make it accessible on the go. Leverage our Vue.JS development services and provide your customers with seamless access to your application via cloud solutions. Our Vue.JS developers have in-depth knowledge about AWS cloud and Vue.JS, a boon for your business. Have a Vue app development idea? Share it with us, and our Vue.JS developers will guide you through it.

Azure is another leading cloud solution from Microsoft which provides you with a great ecosystem to increase your customer reach by deploying your applications via the cloud.

Integrate the power of Azure and Vue.JS to expand your business, increase your customer base, and provide your users with a better customer experience. We have a team of strong developers who will handle all the technicalities and provide you with better custom solutions.

Moreover, our skilled developers can also help you migrate your legacy or existing applications to the cloud and increase overall performance and customer satisfaction.

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Pay a pre-decided hourly rate for your project

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Flexible
  • Billing: Weekly

Fixed Price Model

Pay monthly for your Vue.JS development project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly

Dedicated Team

Hire a team of Vue.JS developers exclusively for your project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly

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Build the next big project, with the help of Biztech!

Hire dedicated Vue.JS developers from Biztech to develop the perfect custom solution and provide your users with scalable solutions. We have a strong, skilled, and knowledgeable team of developers, designers, testers, and marketers who will efficiently handle your complexities of development and will provide you with a complete bug-free application.

    Vue.JS Tech Stack


    • Web Apps
    • Progressive Web Apps
    • Cross-Platform Mobile App
    • SPA


    • VSCode
    • Atom
    • Sublime Text


    • AWS
    • CodeDeploy
    • Github Actions
    • CodeMagic
    • CircleCI


    • Google Meet
    • Zoom


    • Facebook API
    • Instagram API
    • Apple Pay API
    • Google Pay API
    • Google API
    • Auth0
    • Social Login
    • Payment Integration etc


    • VueJS
    • Vuex
    • Redux


    • Firebase analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Hotjar
    • Facebook Pixel

    Code Quality & Security

    • Sonarqube
    • ESLint
    • TSLint
    • Typescript

    UX Designing

    • Invision
    • Zeplin
    • Adobe XD,
    • Flinto

    Project Management Tools

    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Slack

    Version Control

    • Github
    • Bitbucket
    • Gitlab

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    Human Resource UK

    We helped Route1 develop and enhance the front-end of their website and make their backend task easy.


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    Vue.JS Development Services by Biztech


    Front-End Development

    Hire Vue.JS developers to develop robust, scalable, and intuitive front-end applications that provide your users with better user experience and retain customers.


    Web Application Development

    Develop user-centric applications that make your application stand ahead of the competition and enhances the overall user experience. Onboard the right Vue.JS development company and bring your ideas to life.


    Full Stack Development

    Leverage our Vue.JS development services to develop full-stack applications. Onboard the team of skilled and knowledgeable Vue.JS developers who can help you with the perfect custom developers.


    MEVN Stack Development

    Develop complete MEVN solutions to build dynamic and powerful web applications with scalable front-end and back-end. Hire Vue.JS developers and build scalable solutions.


    Modernization & Migration

    Migrate your existing applications in Vue.JS and make them more optimized, scalable, and responsive. Level up your application performance, provide an appealing user experience, and migrate to the latest technology stack.


    Support & Maintenance

    Get on-time support and maintenance from our Vue.JS developers and make your application more seamless and easy to use. This, in turn, will help you retain your customers and provide an intuitive and simplistic user experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Vue.JS used for?

    Vue.JS is a progressive framework that is used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. It is also used to build applications for desktop and mobile using the Electron framework. Vue.JS allows you to extend HTML, provides you with a perfect solution, and helps you to make scalable, robust, and intuitive applications. Have any project ideas? Reach out to Vue development company, Biztech, and we will help you to build robust custom solutions.

    What type of applications can you develop using Vue.JS?

    You can build varied applications using Vue.JS, like:

    • Single page web apps
    • Large scale applications
    • Real-time apps
    • Simple web apps
    • Streaming apps

    And more….

    What are the benefits of Vue web development?

    Vue.JS is the most popular programming language for developing an interactive, robust, and scalable website. Following are some of the benefits of using Vue.JS:

    • Easy to understand
    • Two-way communication
    • Easy to integrate

    And more..

    How is Vue development company, Biztech, better than other companies for Vue.JS development?

    At Biztech, we have more than a decade of experience and have provided users with exceptional custom solutions. We have catered to the needs of more than a thousand companies and have helped them turn into enterprise companies, retain customers, and serve them better. Get the right talent for the market at Biztech. Hire Vue developers who are skilled and efficient enough to handle all your complex requirements and provide you with the best suitable solutions. Have you got an idea? Share it with us, and our Vue.JS developers will provide you with the perfect Vue development solution.

    Is Vue.JS SEO friendly?

    Of course, Vue.JS is an SEO-friendly programming language used by plenty of companies to develop responsive websites. At Vue.JS development company, Biztech, our team of marketers will help you to optimize and promote your website on various search engines. Different marketing campaigns will help you target the right audience and turn them into your potential clients.

    How much will it cost for Vue development?

    This entirely depends on your project requirements. Our pricing model is divided into three types, as you can see above. Select the model which is most suitable for you according to your project requirements.

    Will I need to sign NDAs and SLAs with your company?

    Of course, at Biztech, we take confidentiality and security very seriously and abide by all the rules and regulations. We will provide NDAs and SLAs, which benefit both parties and helps to work collaboratively.

    How much time will it take for Vue web development?

    This entirely depends on your project size. First, we will understand your business requirements, and then, depending on it, we will provide you with an estimated delivery time. However, this can keep on changing depending on the changes in your project requirements.

    Which software development model do you follow?

    We follow all the latest software development models like the Iterative model, Waterfall model, Rapid Application development model, Spiral model, Agile model, etc. Depending on your project requirements, we will use the software development model.

    Can I hire Vue developers for my project?

    Yes, you can hire dedicated Vue.JS developers for your projects. Our Vue.JS developers are skilled enough to handle all your complex project requirements and provide you with the best custom solutions.

    Can I directly coordinate with my hired Vue.JS developer?

    Yes, you can directly communicate with our developers via Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.

    Can your team help me migrate my existing application to Vue.JS?

    Of course, our team of Vue.JS developers will handle all the complexity of migrating your existing or legacy applications. Upscale your application, increase its speed, make it scalable, robust, and responsive by upgrading to Vue.JS.

    Which project management tools do you use for Vue.JS app development?

    We use all the latest tools like Trello, Google Apps, Github, Jire, Slack, etc., which helps us increase the efficiency of our employees and perform better.

    How do you manage source code?

    We use the latest tools like Github and Bitbucket to manage our source code and version controls.

    Who will have ownership of an entire project?

    Once the project is over, we will provide the complete ownership of the project and source code to you. This will also be mentioned in the contract we sign with our clients.

    Which kind of industries do you cater to?

    Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we have experience serving an array of clients in a wide range of industries. Following are certain industries we have experience working with:

    • Healthcare
    • Travel and Hospitality
    • Logistics
    • Retail and eCommerce
    • Education

    Can your team help me develop custom Vue.JS developers?

    Can your team help me develop custom Vue.JS developers?

    Will I be charged for canceling the project early?

    We have a clear cancellation policy which will be mentioned in our contract. There are a fixed number of days for canceling the project, which will be mentioned in the contract, which helps both parties collaborate and work efficiently.

    How do you support security compliance?

    We are an ISO 27001 certified company and abide by all rules and regulations of data security. We carry out regular ISMS internal audits, which helps us ensure that our employees abide by the security laws. We store only important information of users and secure it using the latest encryption algorithm.

    Can SMEs start with Vue app development?

    Sure, regardless of your company size, you can use Vue.JS to develop any type of application. Vue.JS is the perfect option to develop applications and provide your users with a better customer experience.

    Will you provide me with maintenance and support?

    Of course, our team of Vue.JS developers will provide you with timely support, maintenance, and upgradation, which keeps your application up and running smoothly.