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Shopify Store Development and Setup

Having an offline store restricts you from reaching out to more customers. Hence, leveraging technology will provide you a perfect solution. Build an eStore and take your business online, which helps you stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, eStore will help you expand your business and grow your customer base without any geographical restrictions. Let Shopify development company, Biztech provide you with the complete end-to-end solution and help you take your business online. Additionally, custom develop your entire Shopify store with the features that fulfill your business logic and help you serve your customers.

  • Custom Theme
  • Integrate Third-Party Payment Gateways
  • Upload Products and Manage Inventory
  • Install Third-Party Apps
  • Email Customizations


Shopify Migration

Is your existing eStore not providing upto the mark performance, continuous downtime, and experiencing a bad user retention rate? Don’t worry, simply migrate your existing eStore to Shopify. Get the best out of Shopify features and provide your users with eStore uptime and more. Don’t worry about handling the complexities of migration, our Shopify app developers will help you with hassle-free migration to and from Shopify and also provide additional services if needed, like Shopify custom app development.

  • Cloning of Shopify Stores
  • Magento to Shopify
  • Volusion to Shopify
  • BigCommerce to Shopify
  • WooCommerce to Shopify


Shopify Custom Designing

A company’s branding has a huge impact when targeting a particular user base and providing an enhanced user experience. Branding and design reflect what your company stands for and its values; this is a way to stand out from the competition. Custom design your eStore using various themes, features, etc., Let Shopify development company, Biztech, help you customize your eStore and stand one step ahead of the competition. As a result, you can expand your company, brand name, tap into the right audience, get potential customers, etc. Increase the overall experience of your customers with the right customization.

  • Increase Brand Identity
  • Improves User Accessibility
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Custom Shopify Theme


Shopify Custom App

Are you wondering how to provide the best experience to your users? Customizing your eStore is your answer. Developing custom features for your eStore and app will help you provide your customers with a better experience, help you to fulfill your business goals and user needs. Custom app development takes your app to the next level with unique user flow and design. Leverage our custom Shopify development services for building applications, websites, Shopify plugin development, etc. This will boost the performance of your eStore and, in turn, help you to retain customers.

  • Custom Feature Development
  • API Integration
  • Reports and Analysis


Shopify Marketing

Getting new leads, converting them into customers, retaining and making sure they are loyal to you is one of the most important things. Rely on the power of Shopify marketing to market your eStore and reach out to more customers. With the right marketing tools, you can efficiently run various marketing campaigns, promotional events, discount offers, define your target audience, etc.; this, in turn, will help you to grow your business.

  • Define Marketing Goals
  • Define Marketing Strategies
  • Retarget Ads
  • Run SEO Campaigns


Shopify Backend Services

Handle all the complexities of the backend seamlessly with the help of Shopify. It has all the features enabled in the backend, which helps your employees to work efficiently and decrease their workload. Our developers can help you custom-build features of your eStore backend such that it achieves your business needs. With a custom backend, your employees can easily handle users’ needs and provide a more rounded experience.

  • Ticket Handling
  • Add, Update, Delete Products from Backend
  • Communicate with Vendors Efficiently
  • Compare and Check Competitor Price

Work with a Team of Skilled Professionals

Seamless collaboration, total transparency, and secure delivery. That’s our approach when crafting your application—a team with years of experience to suggest the best solution for you.

Work with a Team of Skilled Professionals

Hire Shopify Developers from Biztech

Quick Onboarding | NDA | Simple Exit Policy


Pay a pre-decided hourly rate for your project

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Flexible
  • Billing: Weekly

Fixed Price Model

Pay monthly for your Shopify development project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly

Dedicated Team

Hire a team of Shopify developers exclusively for your project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly

Develop Next-Gen Project with Biztech

Looking for the right talent? Let Biztech provide you with the right developers to help you with Shopify development.

Shopify website development company, Biztech, will help you build a custom eStore to upscale your business and reach the right target audience. Rely on our skills and expertise to build your eCommerce store and work collaboratively with you. Share your project ideas with us, and let us help you turn them into reality.

    Our Product Portfolio

    Appjetty Delivery Date Manager

    Appjetty Delivery Date Manager

    Streamline your delivery date operation with our AppJetty Delivery Date Manager with features like date and time selection, cut-off time, delivery date picker, update delivery, order management, and more.


    AppJetty ZipCode Validator

    AppJetty ZipCode Validator

    Provide your users with the flexibility to check delivery availability in their area before placing an order. Use features like shipping rate, whitelist/blacklist, estimated delivery time, and more, enhancing user experience.




    Replace all standalone apps with the bundle of CommerceXpand. Increase your business conversions, boost your revenue, and increase your customers and sales with the bundle of our 25+ apps.


    AppJetty Language Translator

    AppJetty Language Translator

    Break the language barrier with our Language Translator and go global with your business. Translate the language of your Shopify store with just a few clicks and provide an inclusive environment.


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    Leverage our Shopify Development Services for your Next Big Project

    Biztech, a Shopify development company, will provide you with a complete custom end-to-end solution. We will provide you with a full-stack developer who will guide you through the entire development phase and efficiently handle all the complexities.

    Hire Shopify App Developers and Expand your Business

    Hire Shopify App Developers and Expand your Business

    Leverage the skills of our Shopify developers and bring your eStore online. Hire Shopify developers from Biztech and bring ease to your customers. Having more than a decade of experience and knowledgeable developers helps us to serve our clients better. Our developers have in-depth knowledge about the latest technology stack and can efficiently handle your complex project requirements. We can help you develop, design, test, deploy, and maintain your eStore, which in turn provides your users with a better experience. Take your entire store online and provide your users with a seamless experience to make the best out of your services. Having served more than 1000 clients, we can understand your project requirements and help you build projects that fulfill your business objectives.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Shopify the right choice for eCommerce development?

    Shopify is the leading eCommerce development platform that provides businesses an easy way to take their store online. Being one of the widely used platforms for eStore, Shopify has plenty of themes, customization options, third-party app integrations, etc. Hence businesses can easily take their store online and provide users with the perfect solution. Let Biztech help you with Shopify ecommerce website development, Shopify plugin development, Shopify module development which helps you boost your eStore’s performance.

    What are the benefits of Shopify?

    Shopify is one of the leading platforms to develop, deploy, and maintain the entire eCommerce store. Startups and enterprise companies rely on the power of Shopify to take their stores online, reach more customers, and expand their business. Following are some of the advantages:

    • Quick and easy setup
    • Secure and reliable
    • 24/7 support
    • Easy to customize

    And more…

    Can SMEs use Shopify for eCommerce development?

    Of course! Regardless of its size, any company can use Shopify to take its eCommerce business online and expand. With Shopify web development company, Biztech, you can easily rely on our development services like Shopify ecommerce website development, Shopify plugin development, Shopify module development, etc. Our skilled team of Shopify developers will provide you with complete guidance on Shopify development and provide you with an end-to-end solution.

    Can you help me develop my eStore using Shopify?

    Yes, our Shopify developers are skilled and have in-depth knowledge about Shopify, making it easy for us to cater to your needs. At Shopify development company, Biztech, we will provide you with complete guidance and help you at each stage of development.

    How is Biztech better than other companies with Shopify development?

    Shopify app development company, Biztech, has been serving in the industry for more than a decade and has a strong team of experienced developers, designers, testers, and more, making us ahead of the competition. Our Shopify developers are skilled enough to manage complex requirements and provide users with the solution that serves their business needs. Rely on our Shopify development services to take your store online.

    Will I need to sign NDAs and SLAs with Biztech?

    Yes, at Biztech, we take client’s security seriously and make sure to sign all market-authorized industrial pages on time. We sign NDAs and SLAs with all our clients, which helps us be transparent and seamlessly collaborate with them.

    Can you provide me with Shopify custom app development?

    Of course! Our skilled Shopify developers will provide you with a complete custom solution that fulfills your business needs. Having more than a decade of experience helps us to serve our clients better with Shopify development. We have helped many companies build a custom eStore from scratch and reach to more clients.

    Why should I outsource Shopify development?

    Taking your store online can happen in just a few steps, providing a custom solution after understanding your users’ needs. Depending on your target audience and users’ needs, you will need to customize your application, and to do so, you will need to hire Shopify developers. However, you can easily outsource your project to a Shopify web development company instead of investing time and money to hire Shopify developers. Biztech can come to your rescue. Get developers from Shopify eCommerce development company, Biztech, and we will help you provide a complete custom solution that fulfills your users’ and your business needs.

    What will be the cost of Shopify app development?

    We have three different pricing models for Shopify app development. Depending on your project requirements, you can select the pricing model which suits your needs. Firstly, we will understand your project needs, and depending on it, our team will help you suggest the pricing model which attends to your needs.

    How much time does it take to develop a Shopify project?

    This entirely depends on your project requirements. Our Shopify developers will first understand your requirements, conduct market research, and know your users’ needs. Further, depending on it, we can provide you with an estimated time of project delivery.

    Note: The ETA is subject to vary depending on runtime changes in the project requirements.

    Can I hire Shopify developers from your company for my project?

    Of course! You can hire developers from Shopify website development company, Biztech. Rely on our Shopify development services and take your store online. We have helped many companies build their eStore and provide them with a custom solution that meets their users’ needs.

    Which software development model do you use?

    At Biztech, we follow industry-standard techniques to develop software. Here, we follow Agile, waterfall, iterative, and more, depending on your project requirements. We prefer to follow Agile methodology as it helps us and clients work collaboratively, give in runtime requirements, and deliver quality products.

    Can I directly talk with my hired developers?

    Of course! You can directly contact your hired Shopify developers and share your concern, queries, or new requirements. Our team of developers will look into it and provide you with a solution that meets your needs. Connect with our developers via Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

    Which industries do you have experience working with?

    We have provided a wide range of solutions for various industries and have experience providing technical solutions to users. We have catered to the needs of various industries like:

    • Healthcare
    • Travel and Hospitality
    • Gaming
    • eCommerce

    And more….

    Can you help me migrate my existing store to Shopify?

    Definitely! We can help you migrate your existing store to and from Shopify regardless of the technology you use. Leverage Shopify development services from Biztech and provide users with a great experience.

    Can you customize my existing Shopify eCommerce store?

    Sure, a Shopify eCommerce development company, Biztech, can help you customize your existing Shopify eStore after understanding your users’ requirements. Hire Shopify developers from Biztech, and we will handle all the complexities of migrating your eStore.

    Will I be charged anything extra if I cancel the project early?

    The exit policy of the project will be clearly mentioned in the NDA and SLA we sign with our clients. A certain number of days will be mentioned in the deal, which helps us be transparent with our customers. Hence, signing NDAs and SLA helps us provide our clients with better service and work collaboratively.

    What project development tools does your team use?

    At Biztech, we use the latest project development tools like Trello, Jira, Slack, Github, BitBucket, etc., which help our teams to work efficiently and productively.

    Will your company provide me with maintenance and support?

    Of course! Our work does not end with development; we will provide you with maintenance, timely updates, and support. You can support your users seamlessly.

    Can I integrate multiple payment modules in my Shopify store?

    Definitely! You can integrate multiple payment modules in your Shopify eStore and provide your users with hassle-free online shopping. Our Shopify developers can help you integrate multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit/Credit Card, and Net Banking.

    Which type of software can you build using Shopify?

    You can build a wide range of software using Shopify like websites, applications, plugins, API, eStore, etc. Have an idea? Reach out to us, and we will help you to turn it into a reality.