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Hire Dedicated Salesforce Developer to Build Enterprise Applications

Our dedicated Salesforce cloud developers will help you with Salesforce custom development and employ robust and scalable platforms. Share your ideas with us, and let's develop projects collaboratively.

Hire Dedicated Salesforce Developer to Build Enterprise Applications

Hire Salesforce CRM Developer from Biztech

Having 15+ years of experience and serving 100+ clients, we have experience catering to a wide range of industry verticals. Our skilled and experienced developers can fulfill our clients’ complex requirements and develop applications seamlessly. With our extensive experience, we are dedicated to exploring and providing quality solutions to our customers. We can offer a wide range of solutions from custom native application development, Salesforce consultancy, Salesforce ecommerce integration, Salesforce sales cloud integration, to Salesforce service cloud integration.

Share your project ideas with Salesforce development company, Biztech, and our experts can help you with Salesforce app development. Being your IT partner, we will guide you in the right direction and help you provide a better customer experience.

Domain Expertise

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Leverage all sales processes like marketing and lead generation into one integrated platform to amplify your business growth. With the right Salesforce service cloud developer, centralize your sales process.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Provide customers with round the clock service, keep all digital interactions in one place, engage with customers easily, provide support with AI powered chatbots, and give more to customers, hassle-free.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Digitize and upscale your non-profit organization by customizing your Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. With the right solution, simplify your fundraising, marketing and engagement, program management, and grantmaking.

Lighting Framework (Aura/LWC)

Rely on the expert advice of our Salesforce certified and skilled team who has in-depth knowledge of LWC and Aura, develop Lightning components for your business to provide a better user experience.


We have strong expertise in Visualforce, which helps us build sophisticated, custom user interfaces and host them on the Lighting platform. Hire Salesforce developers from us and let them help you.

Apex code

Our developers have complete control over Apex and can help you with custom development of web services, themes, etc., which can easily sync with Salesforce servers. It also provides built-in support for the Lighting platform.


Use REST/SOAP API, which you can easily integrate with Salesforce web services. It provides a powerful, convenient, and simple web service interface to interact with Salesforce, which helps you use it efficiently and serve your customers better.


Go beyond the usual data architectures with the help of Heroku. Enable the power of Heroku to store customer data, develop, deploy, and manage apps and provide a better user experience.


Automate your marketing which helps your company to have more meaningful connections, attract potential customers, and close more deals. With a B2B marketing tool like Pardot, increase your business reach.

Hire Dedicated Salesforce Developer from Biztech

Quick Onboarding |NDA | Simple Exit Policy


Pay a pre-decided hourly rate for your project

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Flexible
  • Billing: Weekly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization

Fixed Price Model

Pay monthly for your Salesforce development project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization

Dedicated Team

Hire a team of Salesforce developers exclusively for your project

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization

Schedule an Interview and Hire Salesforce Developers

Biztech, a Salesforce development company, can help you get expert Salesforce developers who guide you with custom Salesforce applications development. Onboard the right team and build enterprise-level applications.

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    Real Estate USA
    US Housing Consultants

    We developed a website that allows clients to manage their data like assets, modules, cases, etc. with our custom developed Salesforce portal.

    Finance & Insurance Sweden
    Belona Pantbank

    We developed a loan payout feature and integrated Swish payout services. Moreover, we implemented Magic SMS service which sends customers messages regarding loan amount reminders.

    Non-Profit Canada

    We have customized their website and displayed job shifts on the website. Further, volunteers can choose the shift which suits them.


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    case studies


    Ovivo is a Canada-based supplier of solutions for the treatment of water, wastewater, and ultrapure water....

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    Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminals with a huge inventory of reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals,...

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    Royal Pass

    El Camino Real Charter High is a USA based school which aims to provide the best possible education and...

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    Salesforce Development Services by Biztech


    Salesforce Consultation

    Our Salesforce service cloud developer will help you define and map your business objectives and guide which Salesforce cloud solution is the best fit for your organization.


    Salesforce Implementation

    Our Salesforce team will analyze your business needs, and depending on it, we will provide you with the perfect solution. Implement the right Salesforce solution and upscale your business.


    Salesforce Custom Development

    Our Salesforce certified developers will help you with custom development. You can increase your ROI, teams’ productivity, fulfill your business needs, and provide a better user experience.


    Salesforce Lightning

    With the help of Salesforce, certified developers build responsive applications for any device. We have in-depth knowledge of two modules, i.e., LWC and Aura, and can help our clients build intuitive, responsive, and interactive applications.


    AppExchange Development

    Build applications, extensions, bolt solutions, components, etc., with talented Salesforce developers. We help you build various types of solutions which are easy to upload on the AppExchange.


    Salesforce Integration

    Integrate a wide range of applications, themes, extensions, third-party applications using Salesforce integration. Use these things to increase the productivity of your employees and streamline the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of using Salesforce in my organization?

    Salesforce is one of the leading CRM solutions. Some of the renowned companies use it because of the benefits it brings to the table. Following are some of the major benefits of Salesforce:

    • Cross-functional insights
    • User-centric automation
    • Streamlines business operations
    • Better user understanding

    How is Salesforce better than other CRM cloud solutions?

    Salesforce is one of the leading companies in CRM solutions. One of the major benefits it has is, it is a cloud solution, its users can use it from anywhere at any time. Compared to other CRM solutions, Salesforce is more responsive, which helps businesses to understand their users better. Moreover, our Salesforce service cloud consultant will help you with the perfect solution.

    Can your team help me develop custom Salesforce applications?

    Of course! We have a certified team of Salesforce developers who help you with custom development. Our team will first understand your business requirements, create a development roadmap, and work collaboratively with you to develop custom solutions. Hire Salesforce developers from us, and we will provide you with Salesforce development services that fulfill your business needs.

    Which industries do you cater to with Salesforce development services?

    Salesforce development company, Biztech, has been in the industry for more than 14 years and has served a wide range of clients. We have experience working with multiple industries to curate and provide solutions according to their needs. We have served in many companies like healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and more.

    Why should I work with Biztech, and how is it better than other companies?

    Biztech has 15+ years of experience and a skilled team of Salesforce sales cloud consultants and developers to help you with custom application development. We have a strong customer base spread in a wide range of industries, and our expertise in each domain, along with skilled developers, makes it easy to help our clients. With Biztech, we ensure you a better customer experience, support, quality product development, round-the-clock support, and timely maintenance.

    Which app development methodologies does your company follow?

    We follow a market-defined methodology to develop an application, i.e., Agile methodology. Our team members are certified Agile and SCRUM developers who have in-depth knowledge about working in different methodologies. Following the industry standard, development methodology helps us to provide our clients with quality software.

    Will I have to sign NDAs and SLAs with Biztech?

    Yes, at Salesforce development company, Biztech, security is taken as the highest priority. We follow all the market standards agreement, which helps our customers and us be on the same page. Pre-approved NDAs and SLAs help our team to work collaboratively with our clients and provide better service.

    How much time does it take to develop a custom application in Salesforce?

    The time to develop an application entirely depends on your project requirements. Firstly, our Salesforce service cloud consultant will understand your project requirements; based on that, they will conduct market research and know your user-person. Once all the requirements are clearly defined and gathered, we can help you define the estimated time for Salesforce application development. Moreover, as we follow Agile methodology, it is easy to add new features to the next sprint.

    Which Salesforce solutions does your company provide?

    We provide all types of Salesforce solutions like sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, custom app development, etc., to help you provide the perfect solution. We have Salesforce cloud consultants who can help you with end-to-end cloud solutions.

    Can your development team work in different time zones?

    Of course! Our Salesforce sales cloud consultants can work in different time zones depending on your project requirements. Our Salesforce developers are skilled enough to help you find solutions for any and every complex project. We have the skills to cater to any requirements and help you achieve your business goals regardless of the timezone.

    Who will have full ownership of the project?

    Once the project is completed, you will have full ownership of the project along with the source code. The same thing will be mentioned in the NDA and SLAs we sign with the client, which helps us be on the same page.

    Will I be charged extra to cancel the project?

    No, there won’t be any extra charges when you cancel the project. We have an easy cancellation policy and allotted time period mentioned in the agreement so that there is complete transparency with the client.

    Can I get a dedicated developer for my Salesforce project?

    Yes! You can hire a Salesforce CRM developer from us. We have different models to hire a developer. You can choose one of your choices depending on your requirement. Our developers can help you with the perfect solution and develop applications that help you to provide a better customer experience.

    Can I communicate with my hired developer directly?

    Of course! You can communicate directly with the hired developer and share your project requirements, inputs, or if any changes need to be made in the application. Pre-book the time with them and connect with them either over Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Our developers will be right there for you.

    Is Salesforce a good solution for SMEs?

    Definitely! Salesforce is a perfect solution for SMEs and can help your business grow exponentially. Make the best out of Salesforce, depending on your business requirements, you can choose their solution and get customization if and when needed. Leverage the power of the Salesforce solution, understand your users, and as a result, grow it.

    Does your company have certified Salesforce developers?

    Yes, our company has many Salesforce-certified developers who can help you find solutions to any complex problem. Hire certified Salesforce developers from us, and let’s develop great solutions together.

    Can your team help me build custom applications for Salesforce?

    Yes, we can help you build custom applications for various Salesforce solutions. Our team has certified developers who can help you at each phase of the development life cycle. Moreover, custom applications development is a better choice as it helps you to fulfill your business needs.

    How can a Salesforce consultant help my company?

    Salesforce consultant and trained and certified with Salesforce cloud, proving that they would have in-depth knowledge about Salesforce cloud solutions. Salesforce cloud consultants will guide you through from the first step, i.e., choosing the right Salesforce cloud solution to implementation, they work as a one-man army and will help you with end-to-end solutions for Salesforce.

    What are Salesforce products?

    • Salesforce Sales Cloud
    • Salesforce Service Cloud
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • Salesforce Community Cloud
    • Salesforce Analytics Cloud
    • Salesforce Apps Cloud
    • Salesforce IoT Cloud

    Can you help me develop an application that we can upload on AppExchange?

    Of course! We can help you develop an application, extensions, themes, and more, one person which we can upload on AppExchange.