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WaterExpert is a Canada-based supplier of solutions for the treatment of water, wastewater, and ultrapure water. With years of experience, they serve more than 15 countries worldwide. They are popular for offering water treatment solutions that are environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Biztech helps WaterExpert leverage technology efficiently to manage their water treatment plants with IIoT. They are one of our oldest clients for whom we handle multiple business aspects. From developing and designing their website to web and mobile app, we’ve been their one-stop-shop for all the technological requirements.

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Project Overview

They wanted to upgrade their operational management with IoT-ready equipment with sensors. For this, they needed an app to manage everything remotely. Additional requirements included a user-friendly portal dashboard, customer profile pages, creating and implementing user manual, smart alerts and notifications, and real-time updates in charts, control charts, widgets, KPI, and gauges.


Our Work

We created an app called WaterExpert that integrated IoT sensors with machines to give real-time maintenance updates. Anyone can use this app to map their manufacturing plants, monitor equipment, record procedures, etc. This gives them the freedom to monitor their plant from anywhere. It also gives real-time updates about machinery data and therefore makes managing much more effortless.

Front end Work

Data Management of Multiple Domains

We implemented a multi-level solution that helps manage the global data using multiple domains from a single interface. This centralization of data required real-time data updates in each domain.

Maintenance and Support

They are one of our oldest clients and we’ve been providing tech support to them to date for all of their projects.

Implemented Highchart Boost Module

The major intention behind this was to enable the reordering of custom columns for complete control over the opportunity dashboard view. Also added ‘currency type’ columns.

Alerts Via SMS & Push Notifications

Added alerts that users can acknowledge by replying to the SMS. Apart from that, there are options for push notifications to log in to the application and check the status.


Offline Support

There are some plants situated in remote areas, and to allow them to use the application, there is offline support available in the new release.

MQTT IoT Broker

Now our implemented MQTT IoT brokers help in increasing the uptime. Additionally, AWS services provide all required services like providing message status, dashboards, etc. Now each product has a standard timeline for manufacturing. As a result, the client receives the percentage of completion filed, which is used in the proposal module.

Custom Fields

For the client’s customers, it was important to have a track of their own data. Hence, we implemented custom fields at plant level so the end-user can add custom data into all their assets.

WaterExpert Dashboard

Manage Leads

Clients can efficiently manage their new leads with the help of the opportunities feature. When the prospective lead arrives, it shows up in the CRM backend. Further, once they purchase the product, they are turned into an asset automatically. This helps the client keep a check of their asset database, help their customers map products, and work effectively.

Final Outcome

This app revolutionizes the way that water treatment plants function. Mapping of the manufacturing plant helps with maintaining the right equipment. The app can be used to monitor machinery, alert team members and educate them via process photos. It is a perfect solution for developing and solving problems with the help of technology. With the help of this app, the client has all the information about each of its equipment and with the help of IoT they can get real-time information if there are any problems in these equipment.


AngularJS, CakePHP, IIoT, Ionic, Node.js, ReactJS



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