How we Developed a One Page
Website with Fluid User Experience

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Project Overview:

IPOResearchOnline is a one page website that supports parallax, on-scroll animation which makes the user experience better and provides users with the correct information. These features have helped in making the website more interactive and user friendly.

It is a mobile responsive which aims to provide users with a great experience!


Animation was the core of the entire website for a better experience. To create perfect animation we used the GSAP library which is made by Greensock as it can handle edge cases and harmonize weird behaviors across different browsers.


Here, we have provided things on-scroll animation that was challenging to develop. But, over a course of time and with self-learning we helped develop and display the information to users on the scroll. In turn, providing a better interface.

IPO Research Online Bookmarking doc

Here, we developed the scroll feature which helps our client to display the content on the scroll, this animation was a bit challenging to develop.

Mouse Scroll Effect:

Another innovative feature for developing was Mouse Scroll Effect i.e. Parallax. Because the client wanted to provide an intuitive interface to clients. While implementing this feature, the major challenge was to freeze some sections of websites and navigate the other via mouse scroll, and release the section once it provides proper information. To do so, it required animation in reverse mouse scroll too, after multiple trial and errors we finally fulfilled the client’s expectation.


HTML/CSS, Javascript



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